About Good Energy


The Good Energy Conference is a regular event of the Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) dedicated to the development of community energy in Croatia. 2024 will mark the fourth edition of this event. Good energy is clean energy produced by citizens and local communities from renewable sources. Such energy is also called community energy. Each of us can take energy into our own hands, produce it independently for our needs, and be a part of the big picture of energy in the hands of citizens. Community energy protects us from energy crises that cannot be addressed individually. It can improve air quality in our cities and counties, provide new jobs, and also bring savings on monthly electricity bills. Finally, community energy helps tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions and strengthening our resilience to changes in the energy sector. A study conducted by the CE Delft points out that nowadays 12 million people in the European Union produce their energy, and that number could grow to 50% of the population by 2050. Why would we not be among them? Teaming up with our neighbors to produce our own energy through energy communities is the right of every citizen of the European Union. Let’s use it.

About energy communities

Energy communities are an important opportunity for a fair transition to renewable energy sources, that is why we will use “Good Energy” in 2024 to gather key stakeholders and share insights for their rapid and efficient development in Croatia.

Energy communities and energy poverty

Energy poverty can have far-reaching consequences for human well-being, social development and environmental sustainability, and energy communities are an opportunity to mitigate it. At the fourth edition of the “Good Energy”, we will explore how.